Wednesday, August 1, 2007

FF used more than IE ?

Interesting stats from google analytics for my blog. Firefox is the most-used browser, with 45.59% share, and the MSIE is 44.61%.

I wonder, do I have a geek audience, or FF has gained a significant bigger chunk lately ?

If you have a blog, would be curious to know your shares of FF/IE.


dandellion Kimban said...

One doesn't need to be geek to use Firefox. It is common sense to use better browser. Explorer's advance was only because pople wasn't introduced to other browsers. Now that is rapidly changing.

My stats:

Firefox 58.41%
Internet Explorer 33.06%
Safari 3.69%
Opera 1.84%
Mozilla 1.61%
Camino 0.69%
Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.35%
Galeon 0.12%
Konqueror 0.12%
Netscape 0.12%

vint falken said...

I think both. Geek audience and people are finally getting some sense in their Explorer-brainwashed heads.


1. Firefox 54.37%
2. Internet Explorer 36.54%
3. Safari 5.60%
4. Opera 1.67%
5. Mozilla 1.29%
(I do wonder what happened to Netscape? Or is that 'out of the picture' for a while allready now?)

Looker Lumet said...

Surprisingly, IE is more used on my blog than Firefox. I thought it to be different, as Vint lives also in Belgium. It need to be said that Vint has double as much traffic as I have.
1. Internet Explorer 52,34%
2. Firefox 39,09%
3. Opera 3,54%
4. Safari 2,76%
5. Mozilla 1,91%
6. Netscape 0,21%
7. Camino 0,07%

vint falken said...

Only double? *sobs and goes to work on publicity a bit more* ;)

Visits from Belgium: % of Site Total: 8.04%

So I don't think that the fact we both live in Belgium is a major comparison factor. =)

Vint Falken said...

Oopz, forgot something. *wants to be able to edit her comment*

PS. Looker, what are you using yourself? And do you filter out your own IP when looking at the stats? (Else using IE yourself could be a major contributing factor to it's popularity amongst your blog's visitors. ;))

Looker Lumet said...

This could mean that Belgians are still using IE more than FF.
Personally I use FF, and it is filtered in the stats of Google Analytics. So this will not effect the figures.
Visits from Belgium: 33%
Visits from U.S and Canada: 33%
And yes Vint, you have way more total hits as I have, I will not argue that.

DesertWolf said...

Well here is info from a while back, June 29.

and the stats as of today from Google...
Browser % visits
Firefox 72.97%
Internet Explorer 27.03%

Dalien said...

Quite interesting. So, I've indeed missed some kind of tipping point :-)

nice to know...

Dalien said...

(although Looker's stats suggest that it is not yet ubiquitous :)

vint falken said...

Wow, DesertWolf, I want that much FF visits too! (Just found out my right column shows as a bulleted list in Opera?!!)

Looker, that's a lot of Belgians!