Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Multiple regions within a single opensim.exe

I long wanted to try out running multiple regions. Dead simple - RTFM. Copy the configuration within the bin/Regions/ into a new one, and adjust the X and Y coordinates. I created three additional regions with coordinates 1001,1000; 1000,1001; and 1001,1001 respectively. So, together with the default region at 1000,1000 this forms a nice square.

And indeed:

Multiple regions within the single opensim.exe

Flying between the regions is working, even though you see a visible "shock" in the camera when crossing the borders. I can't wait to get the server on the internet to test out how would this feel with the "real" network conditions.

I did not try walking between the regions yet - will probably do it once I have a "real" server.

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