Friday, August 10, 2007

Rezzday googlebombing :-)

hmmm. out of curiosity was doing some googling, and somehow, this bloghud post from Veyron shows up as the second result, and I am only fourth, after Looker's nice coverage :)

Curious. :)

Anyway, I like the snapshot so much (well, as much as the captured process:-) that I figured I'd post it here :-)

Background thought in the back of the neko-mind: well, maybe if I post this pic here, besides of getting the pleasure of watching the scene, maybe I also manage to get onto the second place in google too, for my own avie name :-) ?

p.s. Wikiality, they say ? Hm, how about "Google definition" ?


Veyron Supercharge said...

I didn't have much time to compose the shot... You two took off on me and I lost you in the crowd. Also, I wanted to make sure the post, was PG-13 - :D - So that was my primary concern on the camera angle.

Plus I had no idea how long you'd hold the pose, so - I shot it.

I'm getting to like the Bloghud as sort of a SL Twitter thingie....

Dalien said...

Heheh, it is a great shot, thanks Veyron :-)