Sunday, August 19, 2007

The impact of blog content on the OS ?

Blogging about blogging is bad, but the past post about browsers caused quite a lot of interest, so some more data in case you are interested to debate...

The OS distribution in the month of june:

Windows: 80%
Mac: 12%
Linux: 8%

The last two weeks (when I started intensively writing about opensim).

Windows: 68%
Linux: 21%
Mac: 11%

So, somehow I see the correlation.


dandellion Kimban said...

Somehow, I am not surprised at all. :)

I am slightly offtopic.... Lately there is more and more Linux users that are not into programming, tweaking and compiling their systems. Those that just enjoy freedom, low price, and before all, the fact that things just work and a re easy to use.
It would be interesting to see how many of those users are attracted to content related to open projects.

Dalien said...

I'd be curious... Need to see in analytics if there is a way to display the search requests vs OS correlation. Would be quite an amusing stats, I think :)

Opensource Obscure said...

linux user here, opensim tester, usually messing around with things.

btw, is this blog syndicated at ? i'd guess that noticeably would affect your stats.

vint falken said...

Dalien, there is.

Traffic sources > Keywords
Then click the keyword you want to know the OS'es for.
Segment (drop down menu) > Operating Systems.

That's why we love Analytics. *grins*

@Dandellion: Isn't 'easy to use' a rather relative thing? =)

vint falken said...

Ow, I just tried to do the reversed on my stats: all linux users and see what they prefered search keyword is. That doesn't seem to be possible. :(

And that's why we hate Analytics. ;) ;)

Dalien said...

Vint: and indeed I'd prefer to do the impossible, as usual :-)

even though it is possible to reverse-map it, but a long and tiresome process. Especially with all this gui clickiness, which is not even automateable... (or is it ?)