Sunday, August 12, 2007

CCC Camp 2007 in secondlife

Today Madteaparty has invited me to visit the CCC party in SL - the sim was sponsored by Anshe Chung.

CCC Camp poster

They did have a nice plan of the RL CCC Camp:

CCC Camp plan

There were also some tents in SL, I suppose for those who could not come:

CCC camp view

I think I met one of those guys, but he was not very talkative:

CCC: talking to a stranger

And then Vint came over, and we went to the party which was held in one of the tents.

Vint at CCC camp party

She was bit concerned about the penguin, but I assured her that the penguin is harmless.

Vint at CCC camp party

The music is good, and then... hmm I think I already posted enough snapshots :-)


vint falken said...

Yeah. The penguin might look cute, but wait till you want to get your monitor to cooperate with it! *trauma's returning* *scream aaargggh!* *goes to hide from the penguin*

Dalien said...

*hugs Vint and hides her from the penguin*

Don't worry - we did have a few occasions to work with penguin about the monitor - everything ends with a happy-end :-)