Sunday, August 26, 2007

Brushing up my opensim building skills - wanna try too ?

Compared to the first experiment with primwalking, I made some more enhancements to my testbench. And I think i start to like the little world. One thing definitely missing is poseballs. But all in time...

Here're a couple of pictures:

My Opensim at daytime

And in the night time (the one I like):

My Opensim at night

Now that you are all excited to see... I made a build off the yesterday's version from SVN, which you can download here and run - just start OpenSim.exe

Many things are already preset... you can login with e.g. "test user" password "test", or "Dalien Talbot" password "test", or create your own user by doing "create user" in the sim console.

Once you launch it - use "-loginuri http://localhost:9000/" parameter to login to it.

Be aware this is full of bleeding edge features - ODE physics, for one :-)

One thing: do not attempt to clone objects by shift-drag. this almost surely will bail things.

If you happen to try it out, post your impressions here in the comments, please :)

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