Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Virtual identity as a form of immortality

I came to a conclusion today that a small collection of random scratches on the napkins, grouped under a common name of "Dalien", is a pretty stable and powerful formation on itself, without me or RL av, already.

Here're the couple of reasons:

- If the SL av would cease to exist in SL for whatever reason (be it the disappearance of the av, or the disappearance of the SL), this blog, and hence the existence of the identity would continue.

- If the RL av would cease to exist for whatever odd reason, then the identity would not disappear still - captured in a finite, but more or less long "forever" blog.

Pretty surely I am not the first one to come up with such an obvious thought, but the sensation that with a little bit of stretch this entity might be called an approximation (weak and incomplete, but..) of soul was so odd, that I decided I'd write it down.


vint falken said...

And of course, your objects created would stay in-world, or at least in people's inventory. Of course if the RL versions behind those avatars cease to exist too, without them passing the objects along...

As for my blog, it will exist, as long as someone pays for hosting. =d

Dalien said...

Indeed, I forgot about the objects :)
Well, at least they should exist till the next wednesday :D

And about your blog - don't worry, the eternal hosting has been taken care of:

vint falken said...

Eternal hosting does not show all pictures. I wonder how it picked which one it did like.=d

Dalien said...

Ha, that's good question. Yes it does not show all the pictures - but it's free and requires no maintenance :D

What did they say about the gift horses ? :)