Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The mystery of object flags.

XML import/export thing will probably eventually changed from the low-effort hack that I did, into something more proper. Awaiting to chat with Sean tomorrow about ADO.NET.

Meanwhile today I took a small detour into objects. Enabling prim storage in sqlite database worked like a charm, but (since I did a new checkout again), whatever I was building, was not modifiable. So, instead of slamming in my usual hack with setting all the flags, I decided to go and implement the things "properly".
Thanks to libsecondlife folks, we already have symbolic constants for the flags, so setting the (seemingly) correct ones was easy.

However, when restarting the sim, I noticed the objects become unmodifiable. Further digging showed that we do not save the object flags in the database at all! I presume there must be some explanation to this, even though my head is a bit too sleepy at the moment to come up with feasible scenarios. Well, tomorrow we'll find out :-)

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