Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How to connect to OpenSim ?

Update Nov 3 2007: Ruth/Zion will be offline for 2-3 weeks - I need all the CPU/memory for some other stuff. The nightly build indeed still works (or fails, in case it fails to compile :)

Inspired by the previous post, I decided to make this one. This will be a semipermanent, updated post, which will hold the currently known "known to be working" places where you can play around with OpenSim.

There are two ways to run opensim - grid mode and standalone mode. As the focus of the 0.4 release is on the standalone mode, I will list the standalone sims first, and then the ones that are hooked up to the grids. The sims are mentioned here are usually up, if they are not - means someone managed to crash them (good! more bug reports!) - be patient and try the another one.

For each of the sims, a bit of a description of what it is, and the value of the "-loginuri" parameter. Update: if you do not know what "loginuri" is - Vint has a post which is readable by normal people - feel free to take a look :)

Standalone sims

  • Zion - run by me. Should be not too laggy (well, minus bugs, if they are there) - good server not doing much more than just opensim, and fast connectivity. At the moment no physics to keep it more stable. Loginuri:; usernames: "Testa User" through "Testz User", password "test"

  • CannonFodder - run by Charles Krinke (ckrinke@ #opensim). basicphysics (i.e. no physics beyond walking on the ground), ran on the DSL connection - good for checking how it works with lower bandwidth - the race conditions should be more readily seen. Loginuri:, usernames: "Testa User" through "Testz User", password "test"

Grid sims


  • Yang - ODE physics, run by Charles Krinke


  • Bao - basicphysics, run by Charles Krinke

If you would like to be listed here - leave the trace in the comments...

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