Saturday, August 25, 2007

I walk, build and script - therefore, I exist

Thanks to sdague for putting my flags mod - now in the default checkout of the trunk the objects are editable in my mono build, i.e. I can use the opensim right away! As well - the objectflags are now persistent in the SQLite database - so both the prims, and their permissions survive the restart of the opensim! Woot! :)

Then, physics engine is in - so I can walk on prims now! (well, it is still quirky - but it does work somewhat)

Here's newruthed yours truly, standing on the prim, looking at the sun:

Standing on the prim

And here I am, having put the script with the touch event which says "hello", and quickly opening up the prim inventory box after that (capturing that screen was a bit tricky - I had to do it rather quickly so that the text does not disappear):

Script in the prim

On the same exhibit you can see a funny quirk - when I was standing atop the 45-degree prims, and was editing the small prim underneath, some highly forces have started to move my avie around.

I think this must be the neurokinetics, but I would need to check with danx0r :)

Indeed all of the above is just the initial raving, the things are currently *very* rough on the edges, e.g. at this time the scripts disappear after a few minutes (the fix is being worked on), but Tedd did test 50 scripts running at the same time. We should scale more - as the scripts without the events seem to not consume CPU almost at all. We will try things out as we go...

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