Monday, August 13, 2007

My evil plans to become an SL billionaire

Ok, after reading Bella's lesson in economics, I have a confession to make, my friends.

Like any human, I am infected with a bacteria of Greed. Although I think overtime I learned to feel when there is an upcoming strike of the disease - and take the measures - appeal to my common sense, to morals, to the principles, donate to charities (even though I have little trust that those actual in need will get a bit of what I gave, at least I offloaded the burden of my chest).

But nonetheless, the ghost of the bubble burst of the 90s is haunting me. I want to come up with something that will be liked by all others, and that will generate me an sky-high amounts of lindens without any involvement from my side.

And I think I have come up with this idea. The only quirk is whether it does comply with the new gambling policy or not. I think it does comply with the policy - but not sure. To doublecheck, I've IMed a few lindens with the question. Hopefully they reply. Well, if not, I guess in a couple of weeks' timeframe we will have to test out whether it complies or not :D

The game looks like a remote relative of a sploder, but is much more brutal, honest, open, and deterministic. Everything depends on your strategy and the amount of lindens you have. It's fully predictable, my friends. Except the mystery of others' minds...

And with this we depart into the next RL week, thanks for staying with us.

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