Thursday, August 23, 2007

Banging my head on the virtual wall...

Ok, apparently the flags not being saved was an oversight. So, refreshed - and the storage stopped working. Well, apparently there is some weird stuff going on there... The last working revision is r1742 - it broke with the commit in r1743.

Better yet, while updating, I accidentally did "!svn" in the empty directory... which, in *nix, recalls the last command... curiously it was the command i was using to generate the diffs for my primflags patch. Argh.

Luckily, thanks to hard work of danx0r, ckrinke & babblefro I was able to try out the not-yet-committed patch of ODE physics and bang my head over the virtual prim wall to my heart's content. I am not going to post a picture - it was too much blood all over the place to show it.

Once I cleaned up, I still decided to post a teaser here with me standing on a prim:

Opensim ODE physics spoiler

Ignore the psycho colouring - this is a usual mess with the textures on the linux client.

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