Friday, August 31, 2007

googlebot wants to play opensim too!

Just to neutralize the previous post, a little cute thing from yesterday.

When logging on to my opensim box, I did notice a bunch of connections from a particular address.

The name resolution showed it was noone other than googlebot :-)

Well, I hope he or she or it did have the fun.

However, wondering whether we need the robots.txt to be served by the login server, or not...


dandellion Kimban said...

They are everywhere, I am suspecting my RL fridge :)
But, it is interesting, how do they index the objects on the grid. Or Google already developed XML structure for the metaverse, just staying low-profile and colecting data....

Dalien said...

I very much doubt - it's more that the initial login process is over HTTP(S) - which googlebot can talk.

To get the contents, one would need much more custom protocol, I doubt they already are so advanced as to login to random opensims, before doing anything with the big piece of SL itself..

So I think the googlebot went away a bit confused :)