Friday, August 10, 2007

Should I have smashed the cookies ?

Should I have been not a gentleman and just ignored the cookies... hmm.

Dalien and Vint: Flower-mode

Vint: <- should dive into bed
Dalien: yes :)
Dalien: *squeezes her goodnight tenderly*
Vint: hmmm. tenderly? *sobs* *kisses enthousiastly and drags along to the bed* ;)
Dalien: *while kissing*
Dalien: *jumps together with her*
Dalien: :)
Vint: :?)
Dalien: jumps into the bed :)
Dalien: *lies on his back, and drags her along, so she is on top, while continuing to kiss her*
Vint: *hears loud noice of wood dying¨*
Vint: euhm.. hun.. you just murdered the bed… :p
Vint: ;)
Dalien: whoops. :)
Dalien: did i fall on the floor at least ? :D
Vint: yez, landed on the cookies next to the bed and killed those too :(
Dalien: or got stuck in the hole i made in the bed ? :D
Vint: *grins*
Dalien Talbot: awwww :)
Dalien Talbot: *shows the cookies - i did notice i was falling on them, so here they are - i pushed them out* :)
Vint: oooow…cookies!!!
Vint does not care about the bed anyore and hugs the saved cookies.
Vint: great, now i can kill them :d
Dalien pulls the mattress off the bed so they can comfortably settle on the floor, and we take care of the bed tomorrow morning :)

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