Sunday, August 12, 2007

Curiosity spike: where we are with opensim.

The curiosity spike was not about going and checking out the rich varieties of dom-sub interactions. Since I did have the pending wish to check out how the things went on the opensim front (and since I shamefully disappeared due to increase of RL things to be taken care of), of course I picked the opensim :)

So. Apparently I was lucky to get the code *just* after the start of a large refactoring, aimed to make the code easier to read for the new developers and put the structure more logical, so a lot of stuff was borken.



First pleasant thing, is that by default, the NewRuth is now wearing something, and have a decent skin. You can see there are things in the library.

There are not so many, so the question goes to the primskirtbuilder users and others who do make the clothes - anyone interested to immortalize his/her creation by making it part of the default library ? If yes - leave a trace in the comments of this post, on how to reach you :) There are no deadlines nor anything, so it is entirely up to you if you want to participate, or have something that you had created and you want to donate.

The second - there is now possible to specify the parcel music URL!!! But this will be a topic for another post one day.


Very keynes said...

Hi, as I downloaded OpenSim as a place to test my clothes without having the bandwidth or upload costs associated with working online, I think it would be my duty and an honor to donate some clothes to the library. very.keynes at gmail or IM inworld.

Dalien said...

thanks a lot! replied via email. two emails in fact :)