Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Opensim: LSL infrastructure is there!

#opensim channel log:

(23:11:02) Tedd_: I got dynamic script engine loading, LSL script compile, script loading, touch_start event and llSay() output to console working a few minutes ago
(23:11:19) Tedd_: basically... LSL script support :)
(23:11:29) dalien: whoa!! :)
(23:11:37) dalien: committed ?
(23:11:45) nixnerd: wow Tedd :)
(23:12:03) Tedd_: only we are missing -all- commands, almost all events, one common script for all objects, and don't support a few things like states just yet
(23:12:08) dalien: well,
(23:12:11) Tedd_: but that will come, now it works...
(23:12:18) dalien: those are small chunks of work but many, right ?
(23:12:25) Tedd_: commited yeah
(23:12:29) dalien: cool.
(23:12:34) dalien: and how do you make the scripts there ?
(23:12:36) Tedd_: yup, around 350+ small chunks of work
(23:12:42) dalien: given that the default object flags do not allow editing ?
(23:13:05) Tedd_: right now you can not make script because we don't have inventory
(23:13:13) dalien: right.
(23:13:14) Tedd_: so we are still waiting for a few things...

As we can see - it is a bit early right now to jump on those 350 small chunks of work :)

But it is a very good news - thanks to great work of Tedd there's a foundation for LSL in opensim.

Meanwhile, you can read Tedd's blog for the gory details and if you have some friends who are "cynical, arrogant, and non-accountable coders" (c)Prok, they might be interested.

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