Saturday, August 25, 2007

More than one av on opensim!

quick post with texture resend bug hunting party on opensim. We had as many as 5 avatars!! :))

Texture resend bug party 2

Texture resend bug party


vint falken said...

And I was not invited? Good that you guys did not implement SLex yet. :D

Dalien said...

:-) I suspect for you it might have been boring - the lag was hmmm... well... bigger than on the SL :) But we're working on that.

Nonetheless pretty fun.

Now, my favourite quote:

myself: "Gents, I think this is pretty damn cool"
MW: "And where do you see any gents here?"


dandellion Kimban said...

Like copybot grabbed the Ruth :)
Luckily you haven't implemented SLex... it would be the most perv happening in the history on the metaverse.