Thursday, August 30, 2007

What's the sim limit on the number of prims ?

I know. It's early. I'm running ahead of the train. But anyway. :) I wanted to see how we behave in the extreme conditions. created 5000 prim cubes, and looked how the things are.

Well, the things are not too bad, as soon as you do not try to edit those prims in bulk - then the things become quite bad. For many reasons.

So, just so that you did not have illusions :-) This part still needs further work. But let's get the basics done first. *returns back to the train*

As a side effect of all this, Zion is now a 3x3 terrain = 589824 square meters, filled with grass.

I think I need to get a few cows - it might become a profitable occupation to breed them on these pastures :)

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