Friday, August 31, 2007

Dalien's response to the nipplegate - policy compliant skin.

As the Nipplegate reaction develops, there are valid concerns from many residents that there is a need to protest against such a crying nonsense.

However, peaceful as I am, I offer you an "all-future-policy-compliant" skin instead.

Sorry, it might look not as exciting as your usual items in the inventory - however, I could not take any risk on you. Maybe the next item considered broadly offensive might be the facial expression or the thickness of the lips.

You can just right-click and save, the skin is here:

Policy compliant skin for secondlife

As you can see, this skin features a neutral light tanned look and feel. It is compatible with any bodily dimensions - since it is a uniformly coloured surface, it will look perfect - you will definitely not have the offensive nipples, as well as no excessive kinkyness on your face (ensure that you apply this texture to your face, upper and lower parts of the skin you create).

This skin will perfectly fit any clothing. For the neko variants, you can open it in any editor and turn into black and white. Both flavours are unisex - so they are good for both male and female avatars.

I believe you will enjoy this all-future-policy-compliant skin texture and will distribute it to your friends and neighbours who are surely also eager to join the legions of the quiet, all-future-policy-compliant SL citizens.

If you are one of those stubbon ones who still wants to have nipples and other details, please refer to the free nipplegate clothing set by Vint.


dandellion Kimban said...

will you consider me thief if I ask ypu to bring this skin to OpenSim?

vint falken said...

Wow! I did not know that you could do skins!!! *impressed* Your just as good as the Philo Sion lady!

Dalien said...

dandellion: this skin is in the public domain :-)

vint: yeah. i thought of making the sl bloggers logo, but i am afraid it will look like another skin, just with the different color :)