Thursday, August 9, 2007

spot me back!

Maybe you've noticed little sliders that appeared under the blogposts.

I've discovered a nice way to get more in touch with you - in case you prefer not to leave the comment, but just wave a hand or something :)

This nice little thing is called

So now you can tell me when you do like or do not like what I write.

I do not promise the feedback will be acted upon, but will be certainly thankfully
noticed and considered :)


dandellion Kimban said...

.... and would you mind to, after a while, to share with the rest of the blogosphere if the post rating system gives you some insight, if it changes your writing and other such things?
*bats her eyelashes*

Dalien said...

dandellion: absolutely, will share.

I can tell upfront that obviously it *will* have some influence (even if only being the butterfly effect for the future :)

That was one of the reasons as well. (Besides the unhealthy geeky fondness of various gadgets :)

And if all goes well, I plan to use this rating in another project, which, if the odds are right (still figuring out how to sew things together), I will announce on the blog.