Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend on 18xd - good! :) and a little bit of prok-laugh.

Only one crash while trying to tip the DJ in CCC, otherwise works like a charm - thanks Nicholaz!

Did not try the voice on it yet. But at least having still the friends list is enough.


Stumbled on an as usual emotional post of the Prok here.
Post is as usual noisy and biased, but parts of the discussion is amusing, especially where they beat the hell out of each other on whether Ginko is Ponzi or not. I think I will hold neutral in the argument. If it was a Ponzi - the guilty will get their judgement in time. If not... well, then not.

Quote of the day:

`Democracy doesn't work by having everybody vote "yes" on polls rigged by cynical, arrogant, and non-accountable coders.`

Second quote of the day:

`This jury-rigged, ridiculously complex and stupid JIRA system is for the birds, and everyone knows it, even those tekkies who use it.`

ROTFL. Bravo. This is even better than the one with the coderz. Hmm second time in the weekend I say "*lulz*" :-) This is just too hilarious. The cynical, arrogant and non-accountable coders that by chance might read this blog will understand.


dandellion Kimban said...

There aqre not many animals in Sl, so you have to feed the troll? :)))
Well, sometimes it is interesting to watch yellowhaired idiot losing the nerves while misquoting you.

Dalien said...

If people contribute something for free (on this occasion - a free show) - I do appreciate it :)

So a little bit of feeding does not hurt - I do value an opportunity to get burst into laughter :)