Friday, August 17, 2007

Get a taste of opensim yourself...

For those who want to just "try it out real quick" and see what is possible and what is not, here's the procedure:

1) go to and create an account. Set your home sim to be "Yang".
2) Launch the client with pointer to the osgrid:

Windows: invoke the Windows client from a dos command window in the "Program Files\SecondLife" directory as 'SecondLife.exe -loginuri' and use the password you setup with osgrid. (Or copy the shortcut for the secondlife client, and add the "-loginuri" parameter.

Linux: './secondlife -loginuri'

3) Do whatever you want :)
One request: if you manage to crash the sim, please tell here how you did it.

Few important comments:


The login with opensim happens (at least as of now) over the unencrypted channel. Do not, I repeat - do *not* use the same password as any of your usual ones.

2) Everything gets wiped out now and then not assume anything is saved, as of now.


dandellion Kimban said...

I don't know if I crashed it, but I tried to sit on the ground, and it happened... you know when you start walking and cannot stop, going through the ground, went out of island, came to the sim border, gone over it..... then I logged off... no way it lets me in again.

BTW, if you guys need some testing, don't hesitate to tell what to do and what to check.

Dalien said...

Hmm, interesting. Wonder if it was a packet loss or indeed crash... did you check if this was reproducible ?

If reproducible - then the bug would be in order - at

A bug with a possible patch to fix it is even more fun :-)

I've just got a deal to have a server in a colo for a year :-) (and then we'll see) - so I should have my own "open" testing instance shortly - I will blog about it.