Saturday, August 4, 2007

Immersives and Augmentists: any other choice ?

Alidar Moxie wrote an interesting post dissecting the whole virtual community into two parts, augmentists - who view the VR as a tool to extend their real self, and immersives - the ones that "live separately there".

I think I like the idea, it does have merit, even though there are probably bit more facets to it.

I'd probably belong to neither of the two groups. Call me immersive augmentist, please :-)

I do not make illusions about the privacy - instead putting the administrative border (like the one on this blog), that whatever is written on behalf of this SL avatar, is not to be considered as written on behalf of the RL avatar driving the SL avatar :) - this allows me to at least make an illusion of decoupling the two things. On the other hand, on my blog you can more frequently than not see various things leaking in from RL - those are not really the area of my professional specialization, but merely some other hobbies, which I think would not hurt to bring into the mix - after all, maybe it is useful for someone :-)

I do view SL on one hand indeed as a possible tool - if a bit tweaked, it could be an interesting collaboration platform, on the other hand the very reason for this platform to be good is its increased "immersiveness" compared to the "classical" ones.

I don't do SLex just because I don't feel like it, nonetheless, I do not deny that the images and words do have their effect on any human, so I do not judge those who find it fun.

I enjoy the feeling of getting rid of some of the burdens that my real AV has to bear - yet, I think I like it far too much to abandon it all together. It's just too much of accumulated experience to throw away.

And for being someone totally different - I did try being a girl in SL.

Not for long.

Being a girl is too difficult for a lazy me. Gentlemen, try it out - and you will appreciate your other halves much more :-) Besides, there is a huge overhead of maintaining more than one persona's state - this is just too much.

The next post will talk about some of the *new* difficulties in girl's life that I've just learned about...

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