Thursday, August 30, 2007

Help save the nipples!

Or, "You have already initiated the downgrade process.".

As you know, I am pretty much male. To a large extent. Masculine, even. Whatever dandellion says about the meaning of nipples for women, I think for males they do matter even more. First of all, ours are nonfunctional. Then, theirs form a much more aesthetic view. I know I am biased, but nonetheless, I'd plead to not underestimate the importance of the female nipples in the male's life (well, besides all the Freudian things it's really literally thanks to them that we're actually here).

As my RL av keeps telling me - "you have to provide the business case to make things move". An I kinda agree with that. So, after reading yet another gem, I figure I'd provide a small business case, and decided I have a better use for the money that I spend paying for my "accounting" alt.

So, as of today, the "accounting" alt (which was not free account), has been downgraded to a free account. Great - means I get 25 bucks per month I could spare on something else - hosting, beers, what not.

However, still shows up as premium... And another attempt to try to do it gives a nice message.

"You have already initiated the downgrade process. Your account will downgrade to Basic Access on Tuesday, September 11, 2007"

"Next bill date: Tuesday, September 11, 2007"

Amusing. Although understandable as a straightforward way to prevent the "loopholes". But anyway, amusing. Since there are smarter ways to do this, I'd think.

How this will impact others ? Well, not much. I always was and will remain a free account, so unless there is further discrimination by whatever means, I might very probably appear inworld from time to time. Although the other ways to spend the time seem to be much more rewarding.

One somewhat noticeable impact that could happen is that the plot that I had used for primskirtbuilder, would disappear. Anyway I hope there are enough copies in-world to distribute it. Go grab a kit, and build your own (tip jar is at your discretion, but just dont resell :) - and send me the SLURL, I'm gonna put it here.

And just to add the spice, I'll mention what I got after a couple of weeks, after submitting the primskirtbuilder at the development portal, I did get a notice to resubmit the submission because the page that I was used was supposedly no longer active.

1) if it was no longer active, how in the world would one have known my email ? (I'd just expect it to fall into the void)
2) if it was "no longer active", and my submission *did* get there, why my dear friends would you not clean up *your* glitch and resubmit it yourself ? (or, as I'd assume the email notifications or whatever to be automatically generated, so they can be formally redone into the new 'interface'. c'mon. the whole thing could have been written by a computer science student who missed no more than 60% of the classes. Or do I misunderstand, and there is superflucious quantum physics involved ? Give me a break, please.

I'm patient when it comes to grid being down - being a "tekkie", and understanding a little bit the kitchen behind, I do realise there are some nontrivial things that the grid monkeys have to maintain. I'm patient when it comes to the client crashes - after all, Nicholaz did fix quite a few of them.

But, I am sorry, I do reserve the right to disagree when I face the clinical cases of extreme nonsense.

Oh, by the way, here's some indecent pictures made by Greeks: here, and here. Iridium, go visit Louvre, or the Hermitage, or any other museum other than Linden Village - they DO have nipples there! And moreover, sometimes they are even PAINTED!! IN PINK! :)


*still speechless*

p.s. Not sure if I can still sell the land, but if anyone wants 1x2048 (square-shaped), 1x1024 (square-shaped), 1x1024 (rectangle-shaped), and 1x512 (primskirtbuilder plot, PG) - IM me, we can arrange the transfer for a symbolic "buggy" fee of L$-1. Yes, I will pay you one linden for each piece of land that you grab from me. (If I can still sell it, that is, having requested the downgrade to the basic account).

Just one request - for the primskirtbuilder plot - keep the primskirtbuilder there, please :)

And thank you again Iridium...

p.p.s. While diagonally reading dandellion's post, I've forgotten to repost, what I consider to be quite appropriate for this case, and I repost from the blog:

Laetizia asked for an apology:

I demand an official apology on the Second Life blog, containing the words overzealous, overstepped, clear and boundary. I demand that the statue be allowed to stand on the intended spot, in her full nude glory, with a notecard giver next to it to give out the full text of said blog.

In addition to this, I ask an apology for Iridium Linden's words.
[end quote]


dandellion Kimban said...

Hey, thanks for the support.
I understand that males love nipples. And that male's nipples are nipples too, although disfunctional and kinda smaller :p

And, back to support... you know you are doing a lot already.

Dalien said...

You're welcome. Due to other reasons I had to change the billing info, which I delayed... but this triggered me to stop the billing altogether. What a nonsense.

Nadine Nozaki said...

Links to you from my list of supporters :-)


vint falken said...

I'm sure we can find some plot for the primskirtbuilder. But I don't agree on male nipples being completely useless.

I'll join the protest on the nipples too, though. Glad I did not grab land at burning man now. Probably I would even been kicked out of mature area's. *grins*

Dalien said...

@Nadine: Thx... could you rename me to "Dalien" if possible ? :) the blog name was mostly an exercise in creativity - looks weird in the row of "normal names" :)

@Vint: oh! so they can't be shown as well then ? :) I do remember in some puritanic times they were putting a grape leave where a usual male is believed to have all his brains, but on the nipples...

Although I can foresee an industry of male bra emerging. It's a new market, heh! :)