Tuesday, August 14, 2007

opensim for more visual types

To compensate for the long run of garbage on the previous post, for the more visual types, here's a snapshot from my test run with opensim - slightly with inter-metaverse twist again :)


For the techies who want to repeat the experiment:

* check out the revision 1641
* find the file OpenSim/Region/Environment/Scenes/SceneObjectPart.cs
* On line 221, just before "ScheduleFullUpdate()" call, insert: "m_flags = (LLObject.ObjectFlags)0xFFFFFFFF;"
* build

Now you can edit the objects you rez. Well, everyone can edit your objects, but you should be able to have some fun building extremely quickly.

NB: don't spend too much time on this - since the results are not persistent! (maybe a bug, maybe still the restructuring - I will need to check).

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