Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First girl on OpenSim :-)

Today I showed Vint the Opensim server that I installed yesterday.

So, the place of the first female user on opensim is now officially taken :-) (there are still second and third, available till supplies last).

Indeed, no wearable prims, hence no primhair or shoes. So you have to be in a camping mood to try it out :)

Ow, also it was the first time someone was wearing a decent clothes there - as we did not care too much what is the color of the working suit that we put on while coding/testing. Having someone dressed in actual clothes with a texture has made it quite a nice experience.

Now it did feel almost like SL, except no lag :) (ok i know the comparison is silly, but anyways...)


Nadine Nozaki said...

Nadine giggles, I have an account on an opensim server *giggle* Since several weeks.

dandellion Kimban said...

/me giggles too

vint falken said...

What do you two do there, that you're both giggling. SLex is not possible yet, is it? :d

(And there goes my title. =d)

Dalien said...

Well, partially it was a provocation (as dandellion was on the sorta-open-sim running on my virtual host before I got a proper one).

It uncovered Nadine though too :)

the upcoming release 0.4 is concentrated on the "standalone" features - so the accounts are local to the sim - not grid-wide (at least the ones that are marked as "standalone").

Yesterday we were playing with the idea of having a regular "meeting time" to try to get more load on opensim + popularize it :)

thoughts on this ?