Monday, July 30, 2007

Let's talk business....which business? ain't it free?

Ok, business they say... ok lets talk business :D

Yes, the primskirtbuilder is and will remain free. However, I think i managed to find a way to help you in distributing it and to share the tips - so you can get money by distributing free software. Interesting ? read on...

I've created a primskirtbuilder distribution kit, which you will get inside any copy of the primskirtbuilder now, and also as a separate box to the right of it at the plot in Mindulle.

You get:

  • a landmark to plot in mindulle

  • a wonderful texture made by Vint to put on the wall

  • the panel with this texture

  • README file

  • Primskirtbuilder itself

  • A copy of the primskirtbuilder distribution kit

  • My tip jar, which will give you 50% of the tips as a distributor, and will give the other 50% to me to pay for the beers :)

The the tip jar had to be made closed-source, to prevent any altering of it - (it does have to request the debit permission from you!), so check very carefully that the script is made by me, and that the tip jar has the same look as on the original distribution area. You can get anyway the full source of the script in the README notecard to check what it does. If you do not trust me - then delete the tip jar! :)

The kit itself is no-mod too, just to prevent the temptation of adding the stuff to it :).

What do I expect from this ?

  1. increased distribution of the primskirtbuilder since it creates a financial incentive (variable and irregular, I do admit - but these are the rules) for people to distribute an open-source free product.

  2. maybe, some more lindens for me as a result of this activity. I am curious if it becomes anything significant (and if it becomes anything at all :)

have fun!

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