Sunday, July 8, 2007

Animators wanted for OpenSim!!!


If you are creating animations, or you know someone who creates animations, here's the deal:

There are some animations built into the client. However, we all know that they slightly.. ummm..
are simplistic.

Moreover, there is some uncertainty regarding the licenses at this point.

So, here's the chance for you or your friend: you can make the animations that would be used by the opensim codebase.

Indeed, there's no any explicit financial "payment" or "ongoing license fee" for that - you have to agree upfront you will not have any right to claim anything except being credited as an author of these animations - because the entire work is BSD-licensed.

However, as a token of personal appreciation for that, if the animations are great, I'm setting the bounty of L$10000.

Please leave the sign of yourself in the comments if you are doing animations - otherwise feel free to spread the message :)

I'll keep it open for a week to see if there are any folks interested to do this, and then we can start :-)

Animations wanted:

  • Standing

  • Flying

  • Walking

Obviously standing and flying may come either in singles (gender-independent), or in packs (male+female) - which will avoid the need to have the AO in opensim altogether.

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