Sunday, July 8, 2007

rubygrid: dummy grid servers using webrick

Vacation time now for me... and I wanted to play a bit with the opensim in grid mode - mainly related to asset transfers (I would like to be able to fire it up and be able to at least build + upload the stuff).

Since in grid mode the setup is actually quite involved (grid server, user server, asset server, and opensim itself), I made a "dummy" versions for the "infrastructure servers" today (that is: grid server, user server, asset server).

If you are playing around with opensim (and are a developer) - you can grab the code from subversion (Thanks to AdamZaius who got it there in a few minutes after I told him about it :-)

svn co svn://

There is no user credentials verification whatsoever - everything has just enough to boot up the opensim and connect to it.

the config.rb contains the configurable parameters. the rest of the files are servers, to be launched separately.

More than one sim connecting to this "grid" will give unpredictable results :)

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