Sunday, July 22, 2007

There's no such thing as bad publicity

Seeing the article from Torley about the Time being unhappy, I could not help but google a bit :)

The first article dates as long ago as 2003, where they just mentioned it without much details.

The following article end of last year did publish a heartbreaking story of a guy trying out the virtual world (btw - was this violation of ToS in that article ever pursued by Linden :) ?)

But the best part is indeed is the so-called review. The biggest laugh I had when they did call secondlife a website. Hey, folks at Time - could someone enlighten the authors (anonymous authors ?) of this review, please, on what exactly constitutes a website, and what exactly constitutes secondlife ? They're making your venue look quite amusing.

Oh, well, I think I will summarize the quality of the review just by referencing to their own words (since their pages do mention that reproduction of whole or in part is prohibited, dare I provide the direct links - or I need to go through the top of the site with all the zillions of ads on there ?) - go here and search for the word "congratulations".

Maybe spending those $5 would have made the things look different, eh ? Who knows...

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