Monday, July 2, 2007

Primskirtbuilder lifecycle

The GUI for the LoopRez that I've built, due to the availability of the "News" button showed some very interesting reflection on the blog stats. There's been quite a few hits, and the number of hits was a very interesting declining curve. Now, roughly a month after I've started it, the number of hits went pretty much down to zero, which allows me to successfully conclude this project for the time being.

It looks like it was helpful, and I am glad that I could make others' life bit easier.

There is also a lesson with respect to the tip income it brought - it proved that the "tips" model of distribution is reasonably workable - although, same as in the RL, indeed selling the closed-source version may be a more profitable in the short term. However, what this means is that the suppliers are forced to deliver the better quality products for the same price - so I believe the open-source model is quite beneficial to the consumer. (Just don't be too strict and let those producers starve, ok ? :-)

I am leaving this post as an anchor for the suggestions on improvements and general feedback about this creation, and if there are some interesting ideas, and I have time (which is a bit difficult), maybe they would see the light.

I'd like to again thank all the user community for all the tips, and I am glad that you liked it :-)

I have some ideas for some other projects for the future (and some are partially implemented) - so stay tuned to the blog for more news :)

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