Friday, July 6, 2007

VGI brings the friendly face to the SL casinos; WIC Exchange gives new currency; SL marketing brings the awareness to the brands

We interrupt our usual blabber for an important news. :)
This blogpost includes a long transcript of the chat session, so for a start, the news in brief with the links to the respective parts within the page for those impatient :) I think Myg will be especially interested! :-)

First off, I would like to thank Adam Constantineu, the CEO of the WIC Exchange for the invitation to this interesting meeting.

Also, since the topic of currencies and other financials is rather hot these days, Adam has kindly agreed to have a separate interview further on on this topic specifically. Stay tuned for it.

Below goes the birds-eye snapshot of the event (Sorry Vint, I know I am by far not the best photographer, this was as good as I could do it :-) and also the transcript of the event.

I took the liberty to cut out a few "hello" and such, which were not relevant to the topic which the speakers were conveying. Also, in an attempt to avert the spammers, I edited the email addresses, when they were said by the speakers, into slightly more obsfucated forms. Also I split the log into three parts, and added the title for each part. Besides that, the original spelling, etc. are preserved.


VGI announcement

[10:03] Adam Constantineau shouts: Hello all and welcome to the VGI Games annoucement, and the first of many to come WIC Exchange Merchant Announcements
[10:04] Adam Constantineau shouts: VGI is here today to present to you, and reveal the secrets of their latest V3 Gaming system
[10:07] Games Prototype shouts: I would like to first thank you all for joining us here today for the landmark release of VGI's V3 gaming system
[10:07] Games Prototype shouts: we have worked long and hard to bring you the greatest gaming system ever created in SL
[10:07] Games Prototype: now as we stand or sit here before you, we release to you the next generation of casino gaming in SL
[10:08] Games Prototype shouts: there are many things about this new system that make it unique
[10:08] Games Prototype shouts: the first main feature is that the owners of the games no longer need to maintain a SL account balance to pay players or sitters
[10:09] Games Prototype shouts: when you rez the game, it requests debit perms as always
[10:09] Games Prototype shouts: when a player pays the game, the game instantly sends that payment to the VGI Revolution account
[10:09] Shechung Ahn: so owner only get a %com ?
[10:09] Games Prototype shouts: all payouts are done through payment servers in world that are controlled by the VGI web site
[10:10] Games Prototype shouts: VGI pays players their winnings, and for their sitting session
[10:10] Games Prototype shouts: the game owners profit cut is added to their VGI acount balance on each play
[10:10] Games Prototype shouts: you must be a registered user on the VGI web site to get and operate the games
[10:11] Games Prototype shouts: to create an account, simply go to a VGI atm as seen up front here, and with a couple clicks, you have an account
[10:11] Games Prototype: the owner can withdraw their money from the VGI web site, or from a VGI atm at any time
[10:12] Games Prototype shouts: you will also have quick access to reports and setup of your games right on the web site
[10:12] Games Prototype shouts: the feature that really makes this a unique system is that we now use game engines for the games
[10:13] Games Prototype shouts: these game engines are programmed in PHP, and run right on our server
[10:13] Games Prototype shouts: this allows many things to happen..
[10:13] Games Prototype shouts: first of all, it shatters the limits of LSL scripting, and allows us to create very large and detailed games with unlimited memory and storage space
[10:14] Games Prototype shouts: it also allows us to cut programming time dramatically
[10:14] Games Prototype shouts: what used to take months to program in LSL, now takes meer hours
[10:14] Brandon Fargis: So its cheaper?!?!?!
[10:14] Games Prototype shouts: what you see in SL now with the games is nothing more than an interface to the game. the game is not in the machine
[10:15] Games Prototype shouts: getting to that
[10:15] Brandon Fargis: sorry, :)
[10:15] Games Prototype shouts: VGI will no longer sell games through other web sites, or in game kiosks
[10:15] Games Prototype shouts: VGI games can only be acquired through the VGI web site, and you must be a registered user to get them
[10:16] Games Prototype shouts: all games are free!
[10:16] Games Prototype shouts: there is no cost to get the games or seats
[10:16] Brandon Fargis: WOOOOO
[10:16] Martusia Oh: what is the site address ??
[10:16] Jon Desmoulins shouts:
[10:16] Cowboy Korobase: so you no longer have annexs"
[10:16] Cowboy Korobase: ?
[10:16] Games Prototype shouts: once you rez a game, you can activate it to full version via the VGI web site under your "My Games" listing
[10:16] Brandon Fargis: So you get a commision
[10:17] Games Prototype shouts: games that are not activated take a commission cut of 10%
[10:17] Games Prototype shouts: and the owner gets 10%
[10:17] Laylah Mistral: Please hold all questions and comments till the end of the presentation.
[10:17] Games Prototype shouts: when you activate a game, you get a 20% cut of all the money paid into it
[10:18] Games Prototype shouts: and VGI takes no more commission from that game
[10:18] Games Prototype shouts: another revolution is how all this is done
[10:18] Games Prototype shouts: to activate a game, you need to purchase VGI credits
[10:18] Games Prototype shouts: VGI credits are equivilent to 0.10 WIC or L$28.5
[10:19] Games Prototype: you can transfer WIC into your VGI account from the WIC Exchange
[10:19] Games Prototype: and purchase VGI credits with WIC or L$
[10:19] Games Prototype: VGI credits are non-transferable and non-refundable
[10:19] Shechung Ahn: so they not free
[10:19] Games Prototype: its like buying the equipment
[10:20] Jon Desmoulins shouts: so that means as you are making and winning money, you can activate your games.
[10:20] Games Prototype shouts: ah but you can operate the system for no charge
[10:20] Games Prototype: seats are a different story though
[10:20] Games Prototype shouts: to rez a VGI V3 seat, you must have enough VGI credits in your account to cover its operation
[10:21] Games Prototype shouts: this is because it does not make or take any payments or money
[10:21] Games Prototype shouts: to rez a VGI V3 seat, you must have 5 VGI credits per seat
[10:21] Games Prototype: equivilent to 0.50 WIC
[10:21] Cowboy Korobase: how long will it last for once activated?
[10:22] Games Prototype shouts: the great thing about the VGI credits is that if you delete a seat, you get those 5 credits back to use somewhere else!
[10:22] Games Prototype shouts: if you deactivate a game from full version, you get those credits back as well to use elsewhere
[10:23] Games Prototype shouts: so if you only have enough to activate a few games, you can keep an eye on your reports to see which games are getting played the most, and move credits around to activate those games so you make more money
[10:23] Games Prototype shouts: The new system will also allow VGI to make other games that are not gambling related, and many other products
[10:24] Bobbie Seiling shouts: do you do poker?
[10:24] Games Prototype shouts: as VGI releases more products, you will be able to get them all for free, and just maintain enough VGI credits to rez the items
[10:24] Games Prototype shouts: poker is in development as well as blackjack, and other multiplayer games
[10:25] Games Prototype shouts: The V3 system is also allowing us to release a new type of gaming all together...
[10:25] Adam Constantineau shouts: here's the big one :)
[10:25] Games Prototype shouts: We were not able to finish the detailed bits of the games in time for release today, but VGI is releasing VGI Game HUD's
[10:26] Games Prototype shouts: the game HUD's will be released within the next few weeks
[10:26] Games Prototype shouts: with a Game HUD, you will be able to play the games at any time, anywhere by using the balances in your VGI account
[10:26] Games Prototype shouts: the HUD's have 3 modes of operation
[10:26] Games Prototype shouts: freeplay, L$ play, and WIC play
[10:27] Games Prototype shouts: so you can play with whichever currency you wish
[10:27] Games Prototype shouts: and now ladies and gentlemen, I give you the VGI V3 System
[10:28] Jon Desmoulins: that was hot
[10:28] Games Prototype shouts: there are not that many games out at the moment, but we will release a minimum of 1 game per week
[10:28] Games Prototype shouts: the slot machines are all animated, and utilize themes
[10:29] Games Prototype shouts: themes can be purchased on the VGI web site and applied to the games
[10:29] Psycho Breed shouts: will you include dance pads
[10:29] Itchy Gamba: hehe
[10:29] Games Prototype shouts: yes, dancepads will be released next week
[10:29] Mindless Television shouts: Question: If we get a percentage how do we know it will be covered. In previous versions, VGI calculated the amount paid in and protected the profit. Is that same technology still in place?
[10:29] Psycho Breed: great ty
[10:30] Games Prototype shouts: when you rez a slot machine, or buy a new theme, you will click on the slot machine, and then click get themes
[10:30] Psycho Breed: will there be lower prim slot machines too?
[10:31] Games Prototype shouts: once the machine gets the updated listing of the themes you own, you can click on the machine, and click next theme to cycle through your themes
[10:31] Mindless Television shouts: but is there a mechanism in place to make sure the games dont pay out more than they bring in????!?
[10:31] Games Prototype shouts: yes, next week we will release the 2 prim animated slot machines, and double dice
[10:31] ja Sion: sweet :D
[10:32] Games Prototype shouts: yes, there are mechanisms in place to ensure the machines don't pay out more than they bring in
[10:32] Games Prototype shouts: on each play, the payment is distributed to multiple pots
[10:32] Games Prototype shouts: 80% of the money paid in is placed in pots to be paid back out to players in winnings
[10:33] Games Prototype shouts: in a few months, VGI will release games that players can play using their WIC exchange account balance
[10:33] Mindless Television shouts: cool! and how much profit are we talking about. What is the payout percentage for the games. How much does the house keep and how much gets paid out and what percentage would we get?
[10:33] Games Prototype shouts: well let me give you some statistics from today
[10:34] Games Prototype shouts: these games that you see here have already been played today
[10:34] Games Prototype shouts: L$2931 was paid into one machine
[10:34] Games Prototype shouts: as the owner, I made a profit cut of over L$800 between all the machines
[10:34] Games Prototype shouts: in one hour
[10:35] Games Prototype shouts: all the games are networked and run off of the same pots
[10:35] Mindless Television: wow nice
[10:35] Jon Desmoulins shouts: one giant casino!
[10:35] Games Prototype shouts: so everyone has a shot at the same jackpots, and same winning pots as anyone playing on any other machine

[10:35] You shout: Given the new gaming system is "thin client" - have any measurements been made with respect to the difference in the lag compared to "classical" systems ?
[10:35] 12 Ah: So on an activated slot machine it is not possible for a player to get back to back jackpots?
[10:35] ja Sion: are they networked between machines for each owner or between all the machines and all the owners?
[10:35] Games Prototype: yes
[10:36] Games Prototype shouts: actually, due to the almost non-existent LSL coding, the games work much faster, and are instant
[10:36] Games Prototype shouts: now if I may direct your attention to the last detail here...
[10:37] Games Prototype shouts: the new V3 seats are completely different from what you are used to
[10:37] Games Prototype shouts: I used the classic design to start with
[10:37] Games Prototype shouts: the operations are completely different
[10:37] Games Prototype shouts: on first play, a player creates a sitting session
[10:37] Games Prototype shouts: you do not have to be a registered VGI user to have a sitting session
[10:38] Games Prototype shouts: the sitting session holds all the data for that player
[10:38] Games Prototype shouts: a player does not have to be sitting in a seat to win an addition to their max earnings on ther sitting session
[10:39] Games Prototype shouts: a player can now sit, complete time blocks, stand up in the middle of it, sign off, and come back on later and continue sitting anywhere at any time in a VGI V3 seat
[10:39] Games Prototype shouts: their session follows them wherever they go
[10:39] Jon Desmoulins shouts: no more overnight camping...yay! Save on electricity bills!
[10:39] Games Prototype: lol
[10:39] ja Sion: lol
[10:40] Games Prototype shouts: no more passwords, no more codes, no more calculations to make sure you don't get leached
[10:40] Mindless Television shouts: can tehy sit in any seat> Say for example someone sits at one casino and leaves... can they come to my casino and pick up wher they left off?
[10:40] Games Prototype shouts: yes
[10:40] Games Prototype shouts: that is the beauty of the new seats
[10:40] ja Sion: so how does that work with multipliers?
[10:40] Games Prototype shouts: for the longest time people have complained about losing their earnings by standing
[10:41] ja Sion: do they just keep building?
[10:41] Games Prototype shouts: there are no more multipliers
[10:41] Cowboy Korobase: does it still appeal to regular campers like the current system?
[10:41] Games Prototype shouts: you don't earn L$/minute
[10:41] Games Prototype shouts: everything goes by time blocks
[10:41] Games Prototype shouts: you have your max earnings, and your total time blocks to complete
[10:42] Games Prototype shouts: then you have how many time blocks you have completed
[10:42] Games Prototype shouts: your earnings go by the percentage og total time blocks you completed
[10:42] Mindless Television shouts: and just to be cleaer because a lot of us have had to pay ridiculous jackpots. Can VGI guarantee that each game will not pay out more than it brought in. I know I asked this before but I want to be sure it works like I think it does
[10:43] Games Prototype shouts: for instance, if you have L$100 in max earnings, and 10 total time blocks to complete, and you completed 5 time blocks, you will have earnings of L$50 that you can cash out
[10:43] Jon Desmoulins shouts: VGI handles the money going in and money going out and pays out profits. you won't have to worry about paying out jackpots ;)
[10:43] Games Prototype shouts: the owners of the games don't have to worry about payouts at all
[10:43] Bobbie Seiling shouts: will you go into sports gambling?
[10:43] Games Prototype shouts: eventually we will bring any game to the table that is suggested
[10:44] Games Prototype shouts: so back to the seats
[10:44] Mindless Television shouts: we might not have to worry about payouts but if our % is based on the games profit, it is important to know the games are profitable.
[10:44] Games Prototype shouts: a player can cash out their current earnings from a sitting session whenever they want
[10:44] Cash Yiyuan shouts: is this marketed by VGI or the casino itself
[10:45] Games Prototype shouts: if they cash out prematurely though, the remainder of their max earnings gets returned to the sit sessions pot, and their session is closed
[10:46] Games Prototype shouts: the sitting sessions pot is where players can win double their bet amount added to their max earnings
[10:46] Bobbie Seiling shouts: when and where will these be situated and do you have to have an account to play?
[10:46] Games Prototype shouts: you do not have to have a VGI account to play the games
[10:46] Games Prototype shouts: you do have to have an account to operate the games
[10:46] Games Prototype shouts: to be a game owner
[10:47] Games Prototype shouts: this is because your profit cut goes into your VGI account
[10:47] Wfaerie Schumann: Sir, are there any gaming company have ever released a similar system like yours?
[10:47] Games Prototype shouts: you will get the games from the VGI web site, and place them wherever you wish
[10:47] Mindless Television shouts: is it possible for VGI to end up paying out more money than is brought in? Because if they ar then that could affect profits. Can you guarantee that VGI will never pay out more than is bought in?
[10:48] Games Prototype shouts: no more gambling with your own money
[10:48] Games Prototype shouts: no
[10:48] Wfaerie Schumann shouts: Sir, are there any gaming company have ever released a similar system like yours?
[10:48] Games Prototype shouts: the system will never pay out more than brought in
[10:48] Games Prototype shouts: not that I know of
[10:48] Mindless Television shouts: never ever under any circumstances?
[10:48] Games Prototype shouts: never
[10:48] Mindless Television shouts: ok cool ty!
[10:48] Games Prototype shouts: the players winnings pot is set at 80%
[10:48] 12 Ah: so back to back jackpots will never happen
[10:49] 12 Ah: or jackpot on the first pull
[10:49] Games Prototype shouts: and the games are very generouse
[10:49] Games Prototype shouts: players will see more payouts more often
[10:49] Games Prototype shouts: other questions?
[10:49] ja Sion: makes sense, more of the players money is put into the pot. so more of the players money is being paid out instead of ours
[10:50] Investor Merlin: I was wonderring what you might havecoming out for games with tournament play
[10:50] Games Prototype shouts: yes, that is correct
[10:50] Games Prototype shouts: we have several games on the way for tournament play
[10:50] Bobbie Seiling shouts: e.g??
[10:50] Jon Desmoulins shouts: and they are AWESOME :D
[10:50] Games Prototype shouts: one of them is elimination blackjack, and elimination poker
[10:51] Games Prototype shouts: many new games are on the drawing board
[10:51] Investor Merlin: great , I will check out your website for more info on them
[10:51] Games Prototype shouts: now that we have completed the development of the new VGI system, we can get these games to you faster
[10:51] Games Prototype shouts: in the next couple of weeks, VGI will release the VGI Theme HUD
[10:52] Cash Yiyuan shouts: Hello, V3 marketed by VGI or the individual casino itself?
[10:52] Bobbie Seiling shouts: are there any seats avalible to play today?
[10:52] Games Prototype shouts: this HUD will allow anyone with a VGI account to create themes for the slot machines, and either use it just for themselves, ot sell their themes on the VGI web site to other users
[10:52] Mindless Television shouts: is it OK to copy and paste what you said? I want to tell friends about this
[10:52] Jon Desmoulins shouts: That's where I come in :D
[10:53] Games Prototype shouts: so users can make money off of VGI by enhancing the gaming experiences
[10:53] Games Prototype shouts: if you make a popular theme for a machine, people will buy it from you
[10:54] Games Prototype shouts: when you create a theme, you will be able to change the symbols, paychart, body and back textures, and all 5 sound effects on the slot machines
[10:54] Games Prototype: you can truely make it unique
[10:54] ja Sion: will there be a template on the website we can go off of?
[10:55] Games Prototype shouts: yes
[10:55] Itchy Gamba: are you located outside of usa?
[10:55] Games Prototype shouts: when we release the HUD, the templates will be available for download on the VGI site
[10:55] Bobbie Seiling shouts: are there any seats avalible to play today and if so where?
[10:56] Games Prototype shouts: look to your left and right
[10:56] ja Sion: i'll prolly ahve em at my casino today :P
[10:56] Games Prototype shouts: those are active games that you can play right now
[10:56] Itchy Gamba shouts: are you located outside of usa?
[10:56] Games Prototype shouts: no
[10:56] Jon Desmoulins: VGI is incoporated as a RL business in CT
[10:56] Games Prototype shouts: VGI is based in Connecticut USA
[10:56] Itchy Gamba shouts: so what about american laws regarding internet gambling?
[10:57] Games Prototype shouts: due to the fact that no one is gambling with US$, those laws do not apply
[10:57] ja Sion: soooo, annexes....
[10:57] Investor Merlin: and we are not on US land here in this world :)
[10:57] Games Prototype shouts: using L$ and WIC to play is virtual currency with no cash value
[10:57] Anthonymark Alcott shouts: So is your cut not considered gambling ?
[10:57] Games Prototype shouts: no
[10:57] Wfaerie Schumann: Sir, where and how often will you publicize the marketing circs of the new system to investors?
[10:58] Wfaerie Schumann shouts: Sir, where and how often will you publicize the marketing circs of the new system to investors?
[10:58] Games Prototype shouts: VGI is a software company, and the VGI cut is seen as payment for use of the software
[10:58] Games Prototype shouts: we will publicize the VGI system whenever there is a new game, feature, or dividend payment
[10:58] Anthonymark Alcott shouts: ok ty for clearing that up
[10:59] Games Prototype shouts: VGI will continue to pay out 10% of its total net profits to investors in dividends
[10:59] Bobbie Seiling shouts: how often will the dividends be payed?
[10:59] Rhiann DeCuir shouts: How Many Prim is each Machine?
[10:59] Games Prototype shouts: VGI will advertise the VGI system through SL Marketing
[10:59] Games Prototype shouts: the prim count is shown on the products page when you go to get a machine
[11:00] Games Prototype shouts: the machines you see here are 10 prim
[11:00] Games Prototype shouts: the 2 prim machines will be released next week
[11:00] Rhiann DeCuir: wonderful
[11:00] Wfaerie Schumann: I havn't seen your accounting report on WSE website... Will you publicize the reports as companies do in RL?
[11:00] Bobbie Seiling shouts: how often will dividends be payed??
[11:00] Wfaerie Schumann shouts: Sir, where and how often will you publicize the marketing circs of the new system to investors?
[11:00] Games Prototype shouts: we will also utilize the new sculpties to create much better designs in the future
[11:00] Jon Desmoulins shouts: Wfae, I don't beleive he understands your question. We heard you though.
[11:01] Games Prototype shouts: yes, VGI will publicise the reports at the end of each month
[11:01] Investor Merlin: is there a way that I can see who is winning most of my tournaments in my facility for example so that I may pay the top winners a sort of leaderboard bonus?
[11:01] Games Prototype shouts: VGI runs its month end financials on the last friday of each month
[11:01] Wfaerie Schumann shouts: on WSE web site?
[11:01] Bobbie Seiling shouts: and the dividends?? how often will they be payed
[11:01] Games Prototype shouts: yes, in the next 2 weeks, there will be a learderboard
[11:01] Games Prototype shouts: dividends are always paid on the last friday of the month
[11:02] Bobbie Seiling shouts: ok thank you
[11:02] Wfaerie Schumann shouts: Where to find your reports?
[11:02] Games Prototype shouts: with the expected success of this new VGI system, we expect to be handing heafty dividends
[11:02] Games Prototype shouts: which reports are you asking about?
[11:03] Mindless Television shouts: is it OK to copy this meeting and pass it around to people who were not able to make it?
[11:03] Wfaerie Schumann shouts: I mean monthly accounting report you said.
[11:03] Games Prototype: yes
[11:03] Games Prototype: please do
[11:03] Mindless Television shouts: thank you!
[11:03] Games Prototype: yw
[11:04] Games Prototype shouts: ok, one more question before I pass the mic to Adam
[11:04] ja Sion: how will casinos that are currently annexted be handled?
[11:04] Wfaerie Schumann shouts: Where can we find your monthly accounting report, on your web site?
[11:04] Games Prototype shouts: for the time being, the current VGI annex casinos will remain unchanged
[11:04] Wfaerie Schumann shouts: or on WSE website?
[11:04] ja Sion: wfaerie, you would find it on the stock exchange info
[11:05] Jon Desmoulins shouts: WSE Wfa
[11:05] ja Sion: at the wse website
[11:05] Games Prototype shouts: in the next month or so, the VGI casino annexes will be passed over to binder propertries which is in IPO state at the moment
[11:05] Games Prototype shouts: Binder Properties will utilize a rental system to rent out casino annex locations
[11:06] Games Prototype shouts: this will continue to allow people to operate a casino in its entirety without having a premium SL account or paying land teir
[11:06] ja Sion: will the current locations be closed or will they contact us and work it out for a smooth transition?
[11:06] Games Prototype shouts: current locations will remain open, and will simply change hands
[11:06] Itchy Gamba shouts: will old version vgi games still be available for purchase
[11:07] ja Sion: and the old machines that we have? will they cease to work when the property is handed over to binder?
[11:07] You decline Music-2-Enjoy Club, Ribush (174, 219, 49) from A group member named Daiseze Dahlstrom.
[11:07] Games Prototype shouts: you will be contacted on the change, and your annex costs will be greatly reduced
[11:07] Games Prototype shouts: the old machines will still work, but we ask everyone to change over to the new system to avoid confusion with players
[11:08] Games Prototype shouts: ok, thats it for today, for any further questions, please visit the VGI FAQ page on the web site, or email us at
[11:08] Jon Desmoulins: The old machines will be discontinued right?
[11:08] Games Prototype shouts: Adam, you have the floor
[11:08] Itchy Gamba shouts: will you be offering credit for old vesions of slots and dance pads paid for?
[11:08] Adam Constantineau shouts: Thank you Games
[11:09] Adam Constantineau shouts: I'm looking forward to visiting some of the new casinos which will be appearing
[11:09] Games Prototype shouts: please direct all further questions to support at vgi-games dot com thank you all

WIC Exchange announceent

[11:09] Adam Constantineau shouts: Today I'm here to speak about 4 new announcements for WIC Exchange
[11:10] Adam Constantineau shouts: As most of you here already know, WIC Exchange is establishing a presence in Second Life
[11:10] Adam Constantineau shouts: Particularly in the finance sector
[11:10] Adam Constantineau shouts: Currently, and as Games said previously, VGI Games are now accepting WICS
[11:11] Adam Constantineau: New and existing WIC Exchange account holders may now use their currency with greater power than the L$ for playing large and small amounts through VGI
[11:11] Adam Constantineau shouts: Also
[11:12] Adam Constantineau shouts: SL Marketing are now accepting WICS as payment for various services, such as advertising, marketing, design
[11:13] Adam Constantineau shouts: Virtual Vision, who design high quality web, and graphics are now accepting the WIC fully
[11:13] Adam Constantineau shouts: And very soon, you will be able to use the WIC to buy and sell stocks with the WSE
[11:13] Adam Constantineau shouts: Today I am here to speak about 4 new things we are implementing
[11:14] Rhiann DeCuir shouts: Wont havin g too many easily operable casinos cut GREATLY into the others...Too much if one thing..never makes money...if you rent 100 casinos to people...who will make money?
[11:14] Adam Constantineau: Currently, as most of you are aware, you can currently purchase WICS with either L$ or US$
[11:15] Adam Constantineau shouts: As you may also know, unlike using the L$, there are absolutely ZERO limits trading with WICS
[11:15] Adam Constantineau shouts: This means, you are free to pass WIC$10k in one day
[11:15] Adam Constantineau shouts: In fact, we welcome it
[11:16] Adam Constantineau shouts: WICS can currently be purchased using L$ from any of our terminals located in world
[11:16] Adam Constantineau shouts: There are some here at WSE
[11:16] Adam Constantineau shouts: Also, there is a complete terminal set up at WIC Exchange HQ here on Hope Capital Island
[11:17] Adam Constantineau: Today I announce that we will begin allowing the automatic exchange of WIC$ for L$
[11:17] Adam Constantineau shouts: This facility will be available at any WIC Exchange ATM stationed by WIC Exchange
[11:19] Adam Constantineau shouts: As many of you may have experienced in the past, having to travel to an ATM in world can be a bother at times
[11:19] Adam Constantineau shouts: We are also announcing a new feature
[11:19] Adam Constantineau shouts: Personal Payment Terminals
[11:20] Adam Constantineau shouts: These you will be able to rez in your home or office, to be used as a WIC Exchange ATM in every way with the exception of converting WIC$ to L$
[11:20] Adam Constantineau shouts: You will however be able to convert L$ to WIC$ using these ATMs
[11:20] Adam Constantineau shouts: Now, the beauty of using the WIC means you don't have to be in SL at all
[11:21] Adam Constantineau shouts: So, once WSE go live with the WIC, which is happening very soon, you will no longer have to log into SL to transfer funds to and from your WSE account and the real world
[11:22] Adam Constantineau shouts: Not everyone can be in SL at all times - in fact, when it comes to trading with the WSE, having to log into SL, transfer L$ into your WSE trading account, withdraw from your WSE trading account, then log out, can be completely impossible
[11:23] Adam Constantineau shouts: Especially if you're one of those people who simply can't be in front of a computer with a DSL or greater connection at times but still want to play the market
[11:23] Adam Constantineau shouts: With the introduction of the WIC at WSE, you will be able to conduct all of your business without ever having to log in to SL at all
[11:24] Adam Constantineau shouts: It can all be done from the web
[11:24] Adam Constantineau shouts: And, since WIC Exchange conducts all mass payments within a 12 to 24hr frame, this will mean you will be able to reap the benefits instantly
[11:25] Adam Constantineau: So
[11:25] Adam Constantineau shouts: So far, WIC Exchange is now annoucing the facility to buy L$ with your WIC$ balance
[11:26] Adam Constantineau shouts: WIC Exchange is also announcing the Personal Terminal, where you can deposit money into something rezzed by you to have it instantly put onto your WIC Exchange account for withdrawal or use
[11:26] Adam Constantineau shouts: And we are also annoucing a new SL based Gateway Kit, to be released very soon
[11:27] Adam Constantineau: This will mean that any object in SL you wish to have accept WICS as a payment source will be as simple a process as wGiveMoney
[11:28] Adam Constantineau shouts: We are very excited to have these new products out, and to be giving all residents the opportunity to finally begin using SL without trading limits on currency
[11:29] Adam Constantineau shouts: We have already begun providing a convenient and powerful way to do business in SL, and are looking forward to showing you all your businesses true potentialk
[11:30] Adam Constantineau shouts: WICS means no more borders
[11:30] Adam Constantineau shouts: It means the currency you use in world and out of world - and within and out of other worlds - will be completely compatible
[11:31] Adam Constantineau shouts: But best of all, it means the days of limits on trading are GONE
[11:32] Adam Constantineau shouts: I'm going to pass you onto Jon from SL Marketing - a merchant accepting WICS as a payment method - to explain to you features of his business, and a prescise look at his various products and services
[11:32] Jon Desmoulins: Thank you Adam
[11:32] Adam Constantineau shouts: I will speak to you all again soon

SLM Announcement

[11:32] Jon Desmoulins: I won't have much time to detail our projects due to RL appointments, but I will be brief and tease you all a little
[11:33] Jon Desmoulins: SL Marketing is an online ad agency with just over 30 different websites on our ad network
[11:33] Jon Desmoulins: the difference with us compared to others is rather than dealing with several companies, you can consolidate your marketing to us
[11:34] Jon Desmoulins: we deal with several large companies to expand our network and bring you the kind of advertising services we all have come to expect in SL
[11:35] Jon Desmoulins: Right now we are using the WIC Exchange as a medium to not only allow our clients to purchase our services with WICs, but also allow our affiliates to earn wics from hosting banners on their website.
[11:35] Jon Desmoulins: Just like VGI, but with a twist, we pay 28.5 L$ per click, which amounts to .10 WIC$
[11:35] Jon Desmoulins: So essentially you could run a website and a casino and still make bank.
[11:36] Jon Desmoulins: Statistics are fun, so I will share with you some stats from the WSE.
[11:37] Jon Desmoulins: Just in the past month, the WSE has earned roughly 60 WICs which can be cashed out to USD just from traffic alone.
[11:37] Jon Desmoulins: A high-traffic website such as his could practically pay for itself with marketing alone.
[11:38] Jon Desmoulins: Another facet of our business is that we also offer ourselves as a platform to anyone who wishes to add marketing to their streams of income by having branded advertising services.
[11:38] Jon Desmoulins: Meaning, Adam could sell marketing on his site using our network and it would be under his brand.
[11:39] Hoodnikka Bing: any body need sum heat
[11:39] Jon Desmoulins: Naturally to prevent underselling, we discount the prices for those who resell.
[11:39] Jon Desmoulins: And award commissions.
[11:40] Jon Desmoulins: Using the Apez and Wic services we designed a sales page which we will allow others to use in the future
[11:40] Jon Desmoulins: A sort of storefront that accepts both L$ and WIC$
[11:41] Jon Desmoulins: I do want to apologise I couldn't say more, but keep an eye out for our roadshow which will be scheduled sometime soon. I will go more into detail about what we offer
[11:41] Jon Desmoulins shouts: And I just remembered that I totally forgot to shout all of this
[11:41] Adam Constantineau: It's ok, I forgot some too :)
[11:41] Adam Constantineau: See, I did it again :)
[11:44] Adam Constantineau shouts: Well, that about brings us to the end of today's event
[11:44] Adam Constantineau shouts: One more thing of course
[11:45] Adam Constantineau: Recently we had a 'WICS Accepted Here' sign made up
[11:45] Adam Constantineau shouts: I'll just rez it for you all
[11:46] Adam Constantineau shouts: This sign was put together by Heni Hefferman of Virtual Vision
[11:46] Adam Constantineau shouts: Notice the high quality transparency used
[11:46] Heni Hefferman: Thanks Adam !!!!
[11:46] Adam Constantineau shouts: Virtual Vision are a new and upcoming WICS endorsed Merchant
[11:47] Adam Constantineau shouts: Virtual Vision do work not only for SL, but also RL. They are now ready to accept your WICS.
[11:47] Adam Constantineau shouts: So, that about brings us to the end
[11:48] Adam Constantineau: Thank you for your time everybody - if you have any questions about WIC Exchange, or any questions relating to our features announced today, or just a general question, please email me at:
[11:48] Adam Constantineau: adam at wicexchange dot com


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um, am i commenting? thanks for posting this valuable info! I will be sure to pass it along to one casino owner in particular...

Wrath said...

You won't have to pass it along to one casino owner in particular - he was in attendance! (See: 10:35)

Wait, I recognize that name - what was Laylah doing there?? (See: 10:17)

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