Saturday, July 21, 2007

The sky is the limit... (within reasonable bounds)

In the previous post I did ramble a bit about privacy and all, but 768 meters is not much, and quick to fly through. On the other hand, you can not move any object higher than 768 meters... So - what ?

Well, there is still something. Even though I am lazy enough not to present you with the full solution, you might experiment.


This is a building in 1.5km above the ground.

How did I do it ? Quite trivial. First you make a platform and lift it up very high (with yourself being there, or you remember the coordinates where you lift it, and fly over there later on). Then you just rez the stuff on it. Important: do not move anything - it will immediately fall to 768 meters!

Another quirk that I have noticed - seems like these "objects in hyperspace" do not survive the sim reboot. So, do not put anything precious - I warned you :-)

Another thing is that while theoretically funny and interesting - if you take the practical application of building high above as a means to provide the animation privacy (*grins*), most of the devices tend to *move* the poseball with the scripts, which as we noticed does prove lethal.

I did have some encouraging experiments with moving the poseballs, but this happens quite slowly, I think it is easier to kill the old ones, and rez the new ones in exactly the right places.

Now - the last question - how to move the thing up more than 768 meters if as we figured it is impossible ?

Well, there is a funny quirk with the physics. You can do it with the script. Go to primskirtbuilder area, and you will see the red freebie box to the right - take the "DT heavy lifter script", and feel free to use it - I've decided to push it around under GPL as well.

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