Thursday, July 5, 2007

Copyright infringement ? Indeed ? No, in bed!

Nope, this is not going to be the post about the sexgen copyright infringement - you can read about it on Vint's blog.. It's a drift aside, induced by laughing while reading these comments.

Why DRM sucks ? because you can't get DRM to "just work".

Mind you, I do not think everything should be downloadable for free. And I even buy some CDs at hugely insane prices. And I do tip live musicians in SL (even though Astrin Few did laugh about that matter - one SL musician tipping another on first concert, then the tip goes in the other direction on the other concert. Both feel happy and important but the net income overall is zero :)

But I tend to be quite annoyed when my freedom is limited and I am just assumed to be a thief and a generally bad guy.

This feeling did actually trigger me to go ahead and spend the money on the CD that was saying "copy-protected" or some brag like that - claiming it was impossible to rip. Lies. Just worked. Indeed, the music not great anyway, so I deleted the MP3s to save disk space, and trashed the CD.

I should have requested the money back because the CD was not performing its DRM function as advertised, though... but I simply started avoiding the stuff which says anything about the forceful protection or otherwise limiting my rights to use it.

In case this aggravates, I guess I will revert to listening the MIDI files of J.S.Bach - his mathematical beauty of the harmony, even if played in pc speaker mode, beats a fair share of the modern music anyway. I definitely think I can leave with that in place of trance. And the lively joy of Mozart will be complementing on the emotional side.

[ more derivatives from the comments that triggered this post to appear soon ]

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