Sunday, July 29, 2007

Is popularity a good thing ?

Today one of my old SL friends, Dinova Yanyean, who saw the primskirtbuilder some time ago, and has been always telling me I should market it (which I hate to do, since it is a boring activity for me), decided to help me out with this, and notified a folks in a few groups about it.

The effect was incredible :) Well, see yourself.


Tons of people arriving, trying the stuff out, chatting - so, having a lot of fun.


After a while the wave started to decline, when I got an IM from Jerry Martin, whom I invited to the area to continue the discussion. In a nutshell the proposal is that I should close-source the primskirtbuilder and start selling it at L$2000. While the idea is interesting, it does not go very well with my principles, so the primskirtbuilder will remain free and GPL-licensed. (this does prohibit the close-sourcing of the derivatives of it and blunt reselling of them too, btw).

I will enclose the discussion for your information - according to what I know, the pasting of the public chat does not classify as going against ToS, so I presume it is OK.

I will enclose the start of the discussion for your information.

[17:55] You: hi Jerry
[17:55] Jerry Martin: hi there
[17:56] Dinova Yanyean: hey fashion officer
[17:56] Jerry Martin: pleasure you meet you all
[17:56] You: indeed.
[17:56] You: so wanna give it a whirl ?
[17:56] Jerry Martin: sure
[17:56] You: grab a copy and rez it on the floor
[17:57] Jerry Martin: holy cow , lock that thing up and put it in a vendor , charge 2000L for it
[17:57] Dinova Yanyean: looll
[17:57] Jerry Martin: not kidding
[17:57] Dinova Yanyean: i told him too
[17:57] Dinova Yanyean: lol
[17:57] Dinova Yanyean: but its now free
[17:57] Dinova Yanyean: and copiable
[17:58] You: well, its been free for a few months
[17:58] Dinova Yanyean: lol
[17:58] Dinova Yanyean: please test it i want to see what you think about it
[17:58] You: that's one of the reasons opensource is good..
[17:58] Dinova Yanyean: its command free
[17:58] Dinova Yanyean: a really new idea
[17:58] Jerry Martin: Dinova , i'm the original inventor of the PrecisionWear Dress Maker , it's been around for a year and a hlf
[17:58] Dinova Yanyean: ohh ups
[17:58] Dinova Yanyean: lol
[17:59] Dinova Yanyean: i didn't know
[17:59] Jerry Martin: it's currently in the patent pending stage
[17:59] You: i did not know about precisionwear either - i just saw a looprez freeb script and wanted to improve the user experience :)

Since Vint was quite an integral part of the creation of the primskirtbuilder (I did create it for her, as it quite obviously says in the script :), I did invite her - so the remaining part of the chat is to be continued on her blog.

Apparently, Ged Larsen (the creator of the LoopRez, from free version of which I did borrow the base logic - even though it was modified - Thanks Ged, btw! While the formulae are not difficult, rewriting them from scratch would have been very boring) did receive even some patent claims about the same matter.

What I have said to Mr. Martin, and what I will repeat here - I would like to continue as before (especially since now that the primskirtbuilder has been out there for some time and I can not control the distribution of the full-mod object - and especially since the only time I did hear about the prim skirt building was Ged Larsen's LoopRez script that I got from Vint). And while the conversation was interesting and entertaining, this is my decision.

Today I saw myself quite a few happy people - even those that did not have L$2000 probably. And this is something I am not willing to lose.

So - feel free to grab a copy and tell your friends :-)

p.s. I do have a couple of interesting ideas for all the users of the primskirtbuilder, should post them sometime within a month (if the RL does not interfere) - so check the news every now and then...

UPDATE: I did get a reply from Ged Larsen, where he mentioned that although my free script did pretty much kill the interested for him in pursuing a new version, but that I am all right to use the script that he has released into public domain.

So - thanks a lot to Ged! And folks - Ged does make other stuff, so go and check out his blog at He has a very nice LinkRez generator which will help you save some time if you are building the necklaces.


DesertWolf said...

Funny can't seem to find his Skirt Builder on SLexchange now......

Dalien said...

Was it there ? I feel sometimes a bit odd with this story, but when I look at a bigger picture, I think I did a right thing.

Vint Falken said...

Yes, once it was there. Jed refers to it in his blogpost.