Friday, July 27, 2007

BlogHer'07 mixer party

Hmmm... I do admit to be terribly guilty. I did promise before to write when I play and I a little bit forgot... so I owe a huge *thanks* to Vint for mentioning that I do perform there.

blogher mixer

It was a lot of fun, as usual. Classically, I did mess up a few times, otherwise it went great :-) I was using a couple of Shure mics without any effects whatsoever - since my normal "streaming laptop" is not around at the moment. Apparently it was usable (although I'd still like to find a free (as in GPL) solution for effects before the streaming. Oddcast is great, but no effects.. any suggestions ?).

Besides yours truly, there were Grace McDunnough and Montian Gilruth, both with very impressive sets, which were complemented by a presence of the dances, and the possibility to use them too :)

Thanks to everyone who dropped by despite of my "secrecy". To a little bit rehabilitate, I will do another gig sometime soon, which will definitely be announced on this blog beforehand. Will be one of the weekends in the evening CET time - singing at 1am today might have been bit challenging for the neighbours :)

Just out of geeky pelasure, I did login a second SL client, and made an "in-world TV broadcast" into a location where I have the vnc2sl demo. Apparently it seems to have worked, indeed with the imperfection of one frame per minute, I think I need to work on the frame rate ;)

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