Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Not-a-meme#18: yer manners (AKA better late than never)

In the book which is one of the most favourite ones of my RL av, Master & Margarita, there is an episode where one of the "ordinary" people gets harassed almost to death by Azazello for his lowly misbehaviours and eventually gets magically transformed into a vampire.

During this procedure, the devil's apprentice tells "When we say the people behave, it means don't lie on the phone, and do not be rude on the phone". (I might have messed up the quote, but it is close)

If you substitute the "phone" for "SL", that would be a pretty good description of what I think.
SL is a communications media, even though it does isolate the little RL details, it is still (together with the RL) a facet of the existence of Dalien across the realities.

As for this blog - well, as the title suggest, there is no particular intent in it. I don't rush for ratings - so you might see more white noise than you'd expect, but again - this blog is primarily a means to express myself, and nothing is perfect, so...

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