Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bye bye trunk and Sugilite! Hello trunk!


With the upcoming change to the SL version, the "old" trunk opensim will no longer work properly with it.

So, from today the old "trunk" is R.I.P., and what was commonly known as "Sugilite" has now become trunk.

Which means that some things that were working "before" will not be working now for some while, and vice versa, some things that were not working well, will work now.

On a side note, my animations patch did go in, but this still does not invalidate the alternative animations idea.

Some other fun stuff: I got the "missing image" to show properly instead of just boring gray stuff. woohoo! :) It's nowhere yet but in my view of "old trunk", but hopefully will eventually make it, once I figure out the texture transfer mess :-) The client for some reason repeatedly asks for the eyes baked texture, even though we send it. grrrrr.

There's going to be a common location of the list of the things that do not work yet in the new trunk, meanwhile feel free to leave the comments here, if you feel like it. I will update the entry with the location once it becomes known.

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