Saturday, July 21, 2007

Random freebies of varying uselessness to give away

Even though they are by no means have the same amount of inspiration nor work put in them, I've put a few things under GPL, in a red box near to the primskirtbuilder distribution area.

The list for now is:

  • DT heavy lifter script - juggles with physics, allows to lift the things high (up to 4km).

  • IM relay - allows you to IM the person not from your contact list when the "search" is down. Reasonably useless, left for curiosity reasons.

  • DeliHUD - allows you to see the SLURLs you would post on your account, on the HUD, and visit them.

As the times goes I will see if I put more stuff in there.

All these come full-mod...

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