Sunday, June 17, 2007

Yesterday's party

*yawn* (waking up far-past-noon). So, it started nicely at Veyron's terrace, with people being dressed with various fleur of sci-fi. I took my favourite matrix suit - I like black, and the sunglasses help to avoid surprised looks in case I fall asleep for a few seconds.


As the sun was going to set, the atmosphere was becoming more and more mysterious..


At an extremum of this came Vint (*kiss*, missed ya) and brought the moon for everyone to have fun.


We even had a cow, who was a bit surprised with all these lights:


And afterwards I did not make any pictures, so I omit describing anything as well :-)


¨vint said...

Poor cow. Maybe I should not have put the rotation script into it. *blushes*

Dalien said...

Nah, that was a great idea in fact.

1) the cow very diligently was pretending to be weightless
2) the cows also want to have fun - just imagine how bored the cow would be just standing in the corner.. =)