Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Thanks to Vint...

...Everyone can now enjoy this nicely looking ad instead of a catastrophic hack that I had made. Vint, did I already say today you're great ? :-)


p.s. yeah, and my snapshotting skills are not much better than my photoshop skills, I know :-))


Wrath said...

Hey, is that the weapon that shoots blue flexi skirts which attack the owner's head? I need to score a copy of that thing!! hehe

Vint really does know how to make things look quite professional, huh? Love her artistic skills!

vint said...

Credits for the pictures go to Jennyfur!


vint said...

PS. Try pressing 'all sizes' before inserting a picture? ;) *kiss*

Dalien said...

@Wrath: yeah, with some tweaks indeed you can do it :))

@Vint: I looked, but the next available one was way too small - I could not let that happen!! :) *kiss*