Friday, June 29, 2007

multi-metaverse - good or evil ?

While having fun with opensim I was discussing primarily the technicalities, there are a lot of interesting non-technical implications (once opensim becomes bit more functional, that is).

The first obvious question that arises: If I have bought something "in-main-world" - am I entitled to have it within my "personal world" too ? Does the answer to the question change depending whether I run a sim just for myself, or have it "open" ?

And I think this would be one of the biggest question of all - what to do with the so called copyrights.

SL gives a lot of freedom in this area, including making the things even more restrictive than in RL - the infamous no-transfer flag - and I think the creative community clearly made a choice of *not* using the open approach.
I remember the no-xfer started massively with the much touted copybot events, and it is a slightly wrong answer (similarly as the eject scripts on your land would not stop those-too-curious from getting the camera view of your home - maybe even trigger it). If anyone has a good idea why it helps - would be interesting to know. The only thing it does for me as a consumer is extra annoyance.

Hand in hand with that goes the pure technical question of how do you *actually* transfer the stuff - but it deserves a separate post.

"Fracturing" the population - would that happen, and would it be good or evil ?
I think it is not a big problem - the community is quite diverse and rather non-intersecting today anyhow. So I do not see this as a big problem. On the other hand, the identity does become a task to solve. *notes down to think about that and write yet another post*

The very positive aspect that I see about this - is that it would make the things a bit more open, e.g. the metaverse with the best user support would get preferred, etc. - would introduce some more dynamics, and help to shape-up some of the LLs practices, which do not seem to be fancied by the users.

So, my preliminary verdict is that it would be definitely a good thing for all.

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