Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Simple thing which improve your security, that frequently get overlooked...

While the others are promising the blue skies, free cookies (free browser cookies, I mean), here's some basic practical advice for you on behalf of the Grid Democracy Party, that you can put to use regardless of your SLpolitical SLpreferences. While being a *very* basic thing, I've seen it overlooked quite a few times. If you know all this - then I am glad for you :-)

This short note will talk about your "private" land mostly - not necessarily the clubs or other public places - there the settings might be slightly different to ensure the maximum comfort of the visitors, and these settings do not fit well.

1) Have a "visitor group", with which you set the land:


2) Minimize the potential dangerous activities on the land by "strangers":


What this does ?

First, about the options that should be unchecked:

  • Edit Terrain. You do not want others to tweak your carefully made landscaping.
  • Create objects: All residents. You do not really want random object creation on your private land ?
  • Object entry: All residents. Same goes about the objects from non-group entering from other parcels.
  • Run scripts: All residents. While this setting only works on small heights, it at least covers that area, if you want to be safe.

Now, about those that we have checked

  • Safe (no damage). Unless you are planning to turn your land into a battlespace, you most probably would not need this :-)
  • Restrict pushing. This will help against some very basic forms of griefing (again, why would you want to push someone except if it is a boxing ring ?)

  • Create objects: group. You trust your friends to create the objects and clean up later, right ? If no - why would they be in your guest group ?
  • Object Entry: group. Even though your friends did not necessarily rez the objects on the other plots, no harm in turning this on if you did turn the other one on.
  • Run scripts: group. Same remark as in previous scripts (that was disabled) - useful for the areas just above ground to allow your friends' AO and other gadgets to work.

Then, the teleport point. If you would like to have people that teleport to your land, to land on a certain point - set this point, so they do not get into the middle of your kitchen or some more private place (yeah I would consider my kitchen private, if only I had it! :)

I guess that's it for this simple post - hope it helps someone to avoid some troubles.

I do have some more creative (and a *bit* more complex :) ideas in mind, stay tuned...

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