Saturday, June 9, 2007

DeliHUD 2-week public beta starting NOW!

In one of the previous posts I've mentioned I was coding a bit...

The alpha tests seem to have gone reasonably well, so I am opening the beast to the public beta.

What is it: it is an in-world interface to, to retrieve and visit the SLURLs that you would pick up on blogs and other out-of-world sources.

Setup: create a notecard with two lines - first one being your username, the second being your password, then wear the hud, and drop the notecard onto it.

The SLURLs that you want to visit from in-world should have 2 tags: "slurl" and "visit". Then they will be picked up by the HUD and shown to you.
By clicking on the text shown in the HUD, you will be offered a TP to the destination, and after you have visited the place and possibly created a LM for it, you can click on the red square next to the text to remove the "visit" tag - after which it will no longer show in the list.

Where to pick it up ? I've put a vendor next to the primskirtbuilder area (see the banner on the right side of the blog), as I was a bit lazy to tweak the script, I've put the symbolic price of L$1 to still make it function.

The beta lasts till 25th of June, after which time all the beta copies will self-destruct - and either we might have another round of beta, or if the beta proves successful and bug-free, then I start distributing it.

Please put your comments about the behaviour/functionality/etc. into the comments to this post, so we avoid any duplicate reports.

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Wrath said...

Cool, now I want to get one just so I can be wearing it when it self-destructs!! :-)