Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bit more coding...

Zoe has mentioned something interesting (and thanks a lot to Vint for pointing me to it...)

The inworld beast is currently in early alpha cycles.


Zoe Connolly said...


Thanks for your fast scripting on this, Dalien. Although my prototype doesn't quite work yet, I see you're on the right track.

Dalien said...

Zoe, Alex tried the second time - worked for him. (indeed, you would need to have the preexisting account on del.icio.us - I assume you do have one). 401 error means username/password prob - so must be typo somewhere.

the "RL part" works so far on mozilla-derived only (And not finished).

There're also apparently some caching-like matters with del.icio.us (for Vint to test it today, I had to make a separate copy, since del.icio.us just did not want do change the tags on the entry :)

Anyway, it is moving... In a few days I hope to finish up with the time-limiting code, and then I will open up a full-scale beta for all.

Dalien said...

btw - tried, and could not reproduce the "stuck name" prob that you were mentioning.. very odd.

Zoe Connolly said...


I discovered the problem. I had my account password mixed up with another one. I'll test again later.

Zoe Connolly said...


It worked!

I posted a Caledon SLurl into del.icio.us and then started the latest version of the HUD you gave me. It was flawless.

Next I'll aggregate more than one SLurl while I'm at work and test again tonight.

vint said...

The in-world parts works slick here too. Now, will y'all blog some intersting slurls, please? ;)

Dalien said...

ok - cool, keep playing with it, let me know is something is broken/not working/needs to change before the "public beta" :)