Saturday, June 16, 2007

The first look... err... hear.. at voice

I got envious to all these people talking about voice, not crashing, and all. So I got the firstlook client and tried the voice with a few friends today.

First - it does crash for me :) The version without the voice is relatively stable..

Voice: its fun. Well, when it works that is. We did try a few times to make the voice IM - this was only blowing up the whole voice thing, requiring the restart.

However, to our joy, it did work in the group chat. It was a lot of fun indeed. we also tried various voice morphers, however it adds to instability (for me that is), or to slowness (for another person), and the rest were running without them...

The experience indeed feels weird, however I think there is a place for both IM and voice - and the current uneasyness is due to the fact that it is just so unusual.

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