Sunday, June 3, 2007

Bloodsucking creative teleporter

Today I finally got myself to teach my small pet peeve (aka "The Bloodsucker") to do something more useful rather than just wearing the holes in my shoulder bone...

Now it allows me to push the current position to the, and for everyone else it gives a convenient service of telling the SLURL of the current place where I am.

The complementary function (which this animal should assume soon) is a bracelet, which holds the list of all the sims, and teleports into the middle of the random sim when clicked.

The linkroll on the right represents exclusively slurl, stored on, derived mostly from this method (there are old links there, do not pay much attention to them, it was a previous project).

A question: would the folks find such a beast useful ? what functions would integration to have ?


vint said...

As delicious can be integrated with our blogs: a lot. You would definitely see some slurls in my current delicious updates on my blog then. That is, if the beast would be configurable to send it to my own delicious account.


Dalien said...

Ahha. So this would be the next fun thing I make then. Next question - we assume it should be a HUD ? (I doubt many more people would enjoy the beast that is sitting on my shoulder :)

Lev Kamenev said...

You might want to look at SL GEO Tags:

You can specify them in digg posts.