Thursday, June 7, 2007

Poly ticks

Eccentrically centric (ad)venture capitalist, and all in all exclusively positive av (the negative traits are printed in tiny letters on the backside of this browser window (grab the viewer here if you are so inclined to see) is looking for a political figure to represent his interests.

The candidate has to be:

1) female (reason: obvious)
2) smart (as a prerequisite to get the better results in (1)
3) cute and fun and enjoy the life (a decent politician has to enjoy the own life before making others' life better - otherwise the things will only get worse)

any takers ?

hmm I think I've just found precisely the candidate - Vint.

The platform looks good. The prerequisites are perfectly met. So - I VV!


Alex Burgess said...

I agree, Vint is quite compelling. But you haven't met fun if you haven't met Romana Wei. There is no fun without safety and if safety isn't fun, then what is?

Samantha Poindexter said...

Not to be totally immodest, but I think I qualify too. :-)

Dalien said...

@Alex: For the same principles as I do not go into the weapons research/production, I would not vote for anyone going to do the war on "put the favourite problem here".

The war is the least effective and the most short term method of addressing the problem, IMHO.

Dalien said...

@Samantha: I totally agree with the "common carrier" item, although to me it is a more specific instantiation of "all equal" - so I think I will keep my choice.

p.s. I do sympathize the "vanilla ice-cream" part.