Sunday, June 24, 2007

I got shot... now I'm history! (and a bit of art too)

When I came to visit Vint to the SL04, there was already quite a crowd of visitors who were there chatting.

The discussion for some time revolved around the vivisection, so to ensure the safety of all non-human avies within the immediate reach, I jumped on the wall to keep an eye on the discussion - the humans are so unpredictable at times! (and boringly predictable at all the others, I must note).

This is where I got shot...

No, no, noone attempted to kill me - it was a friendly photoshot from Looker. Thanks, it sure feels fun.

That's how I became a live exhibit and a small part of SL history.

Although, the essay by Extropia DaSilva argues we all very much may be a part of something quite big and interesting, with this SL thing..

Hopefully I'm still around in 2029 to see who wins - Kurzweil or Kapor ? What are your opinions ?

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Looker Lumet said...

My pleasure, Dalien.