Monday, June 18, 2007

A recipe of attracting the customers... *not*

If you are an owner of the business that you want to live and prosper, please stop reading here =) - however, if you have an evil plan to slowly and painfully ruin the trust of your customers - this post would be precisely for you - I hope you would find it useful.

I've been always doing a bit of banking in SL - somewhat enough to give me a reasonably steady income which is noticeable, rather than just holding the stuff in my pocket.

Throughout my journeys I've once hit a teller machine which was promising reasonably low rates to consider it not so risky, and reasonably high to bother with this at all.

I've paid L$1 to the ATM to create the account and maybe return to it later, grabbed the landmark and continued with my journeys.

A few days later I received an invitation to join the group, which I agreed with (hmm nice - they remember even the tiny customers!), and figured one of these days I might go and try to see what they have to offer by depositing some smaller 5-digit amount and see what happens.

Unfortunately, this good intention was shot on the spot by the announcement on the *bank* group about a *poker* club. An IM to the person sending this revealed that
the Foo Bar and his partner own both the bank and the poker. My query whether this is appropriate behaviour did not seem to trigger any sort of the apologies or even confusion - apparently the biggest part of their customers would not mind such spam.

Needless to say, I am no longer in the group and definitely not their customer...

But those who know me have always said I can not be counted as an "average customer" for any kind of businesses, except maybe for funeral services - but I'm not very picky on that one, since I would not be there anyway to enjoy it... :-)


vint said...

I think that would be highly illegal in FL, Bram even joked about this a while ago: what if you put up an office that lends money to people and next to that a casino/play hall. Fun (and profits) guaranteed! ;)

Dalien said...

yeah, I think it might be precisely the business model there =) but oh well, as soon as there are some folks that are happy with that - why not...